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General Information on Ceramic Coating Servicing Auburn, Bay City and Freeland MI 

Ceramic Coating is a paint protection product that uses technology to defend your vehicle’s paint against the elements and everyday wear. Keep your car looking fresh. 


What Is Ceramic Coating?

True ceramic coating is a long-term nanoscopic exterior automotive paint treatment and protectant that is applied in a liquid form and cures to form a hard layer on top of the paint. Essentially, it’s the candy shell that protects the paint’s delicious chocolate center. 

What are the benefits of ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating has several benefits but we want to focus on the most important ones such as UV protection, chemical staining protection, unmatched gloss,minor scratch resistance and the ease of clean that ceramic coating provides.

Can I Ceramic Coat My Vehicle Without Paint Correction?

Many clients ask can they ceramic coat their vehicle without paint correction, the simple answer is NO. The preparation work that goes into vehicles is what ensures that the ceramic coating has a proper bond from the decontamination wash and clay bar to the paint correction all of these steps are mandatory especially at Ficks Auto Detailing we operate under the highest standards.

The best way to protect your investment!

Ceramic Coating Paint Protection That Lasts

A QUALITY ceramic coating will utilize nanotechnology, which are microscopic particles that form a very fine, thin layer completely invisible to the eye. These particles are so small, when applied to a finish, they seal all the pores making the substance hydrophobic (water-repellent), but also resistant to UV, scratches, chemicals, extreme heat, and even anti-graffiti.

This hard ceramic layer results in a completely transparent shield of protection. The strength of this coat protects the paint from damage via UV rays, spray chemicals, and other contaminants.


Level 1 Ceramic Coating

What our LEVEL 1 Coating package Includes:

  • Enhancement Polish (55-65% Scratch Removal)
  • Engine Bay Cleaned
  • SB3 Solo Application
  • Rims and tires cleaned
  • Tires shined
  • Reported to Car Fax

Car: Starting at $699

Midsized: Starting at $799

Truck/SUV: Starting at $999



Solo Delivers amazing gloss and incredible water beading. It can be used on Paint, Glass, and wheels. Virtually any surface on the exterior of a vehicle. Its a stand-alone, one-year coating, yet works well as a topper for any of our coatings.

Solo is a great entry-level addition for protection.


9/10 Customers Choose This Product!

Level 2 Ceramic Coating Package

This Coating package is our most common package, It will give you amazing shine and also provide amazing durability against the elements.

What our LEVEL 2 Coating package Includes:

  • Full one step correction (65-75% Scratch Removal)
  • Rims and tires cleaned
  • Wheel Faces Ceramic Coated with SB3 Vortex
  • Engine Bay Cleaned and Shined
  • Full interior detail
  • SB3 Alpha Application
  • Reported to Car Fax

Car: Starting at $1,195

Midsized: Starting at $1,495

Truck/SUV: Starting at $1,795



Alpha is a single layer application. This layer offers 5 years of protection while leaving a great layer of gloss and slickness. Alpha is a great coating for daily drivers or someone looking for long term protection.It allows for nice ease of maintenance and great protection.

Alpha is backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by Carfax.


Level 3 Ceramic Coating Package

This is our highest level ceramic coating package we offer, this will leave your vehicle with a jaw dropping gloss and an incredible protection on all surfaces.

What our LEVEL 3 Coating package Includes:

  • Full 2 Stage Paint Correction (85-95% scratch removal guaranteed.)
  • Wheel Faces Ceramic Coated with SB3 Vortex
  • All Glass Ceramic Coated with SB3 Optic
  • All Plastics Ceramic Coated
  • Engine Bay Cleaned and Shined
  • Full interior detail
  • 3-layer SB3 TRINITY application

Car: Starting at $1,695

Midsized: Starting at $1,795

Truck/SUV: Starting at $1,995


SB3 Trinity Coating

Trinity blends a 3 part coating process. Each layer offering a unique feature that when combined, it the hardest, most durable coating we have to offer. Seven years of durability is to be expected with Trinity. The gloss is mindblowing with Trinty. If you’re looking for the best SB3 offers, Trinity is it.

Trinity is backed by our 3rd party warranty and is also covered by carfax.


Windshield Coating, SP3 Optic

Introducing Optic Coating by SB3 Coatings. Optic Coating is a glass coating designed for windshields. This proprietary formula promotes extreme durability with unsurpassed hydrophobic self cleaning capabilities. Optic greatly enhances visibility for windshield during rainy times. OpticCoating will make windshield cleaning a lot easier. It will also make removing bugs faster.

Windshield, Mirrors, Glass Surfaces Extreme Hydrophobic Properties Easier to Clean and Maintain. Clear Visibility 1 Year Warranty Exclusive Installers Only



Vortex is one of those products you truly have tosee to believe. Once applied you’ll never want to drive a car without it on your wheels.

Vortex is designed to protect your wheel and calipers from harsh brake dust and everyday wear and tear to your wheels. Once applied Vortex will keep your wheels cleaner longer, and clean up is a breeze. Saygoodbye to dedicated wheels cleaners. Often a good soap will clean yourwheels easily.

Vortex has a durability rating of 2 years.